How does it feel to be burning with fire..?

How does it seem to experience profound ire ready to explode from within your veins?

How voraciously hot can a flame become?

How dreadfully menacing is the face of disaster?

How much endurance it takes to start from a burning scratch?

And yet what a powerful being, you, fellow human, you are…

What an insight it takes to glimpse life in the ashes,

What courage it calls for to build future from none…

Neronianly mesmerized,

Agent Provocateur


PS1: In the probably most contradictory summer I have experienced so far in my mainstream life, I witnessed a few days ago my country vanishing to ashes. Being the most dreadful natural disaster I’ve ever seen unfolding in front of me, I can say that nothing will become the way it was; yet, all can be redone better lest the willingness of humans perseveres…

PS2: Close-up image as it was captured during my train journey from Evoia to Thessaloniki, in the region of Lamia also ablaze these past days in Central Greece. Time was around 3:00 in the morning.