It’s been quite a hectic time lately… Once again, in between frenzies (of any kind) going after me, I realised just how important a good habit can be… By ‘good habit’ I mean anything of the sort of the things that can please you without calling for any kind of effort (well, at least only willful one…) from your part. Plus, for a habit to be ‘good’, it means that it basically makes things easier and smoothier when everything else seems ineffective.

My guardian in these tough times (OK, let me be frank; by no means do I refer to seriously painful trouble… Just self-inflicted, out of choice, mind intriguing… undertakings of the kind that you enjoy, as you’ve long been waiting for…) was music! Music and melodies of various types but always pleasing to the ear and healing to the mind, possessing the power to get you out of the deadend your taste, stamina and energy reach and take you off. 

It’s remarkable, if you come to think of it for a minute, how closely connected we are to music and sounds and yet, how unappreciative or, the least, indifferent we remain of them in daily life… Sleep on it for a moment and you can easily figure out that music does you good but can do better if you engage in a flirting process and constant give-and-take with it. Sounds are there for you to choose from. Making a choice is by no means a token of partiality… I never was a fan of the so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ music; on the contrary, music is by definition good, since it’s a readily available form of pleasure. One is responsible to pick up the sounds that work for him. They know what they need to do afterwards…

If I am to choose the best music ‘remedy’ around, I’d easily give you a reply: It’s like a music lesson being, however, one of the most rythmic and elegant hearing experiences you could have (well, not up to 100% but no one is an angel after all…)

So, if nothing works, give it some tune… It might do the trick! 😉

Rythmically yours,

Agent Provocateur

PS: Music makes the people come together… Do not forget that! But blame Madonna, if sometimes the spell does not work!